Posted by: Rich Cumbers | April 9, 2008

First Blog Post

In recent weeks I have felt the urge to write about things online, and so have created this blog. Initially called a very uninspired “Cumbers”, I hope to think of something a little more interesting to call it in the coming weeks…..

I intend to use this blog to capture my escapades with my newly acquired CurrentCost meter and the fun games you can play chasing the last Watt of standby time, as well as my experiments with my new Nikon D40x. I am sure other life ramblings will make an appearance, but we will have to see… Also will need to apply some creativity and get away from the default blog skin!

For now I am stuck at work waiting for a lengthy System Test to fail. Why is it that the long running ones only fail right at the end……..



  1. What Watt is a strangely addictive game, although I’m convinced my current cost meter is missing a few: I can’t believe I was really using 0 Watts last night!

    Good luck with the blog.

  2. Welcome 🙂

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