Posted by: Rich Cumbers | April 10, 2008

3KW spike 2pm – 4pm

Using the CurrentCost meter and the graphing that has been setup, I noticed yesterday a 3KW spikethat lasted an hour, before dropping to 2.4KW for 40 minutes.

I had a feeling that my Storage Heaters were to blame, but wanted to double check. I am currently with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), and am on their SuperDeal tariff. A quick check on their website (which does not render in firefox on linux 😦 ) did not provide any tariff information. So after a lengthy phone call and the guy on the phone needing to refer to a book(!) I got my answer that between 2 and 4 in the afternoon I get a boost of electricity! Since then I have turned off the boost, and lowered the overall temperature on the heaters and today I am down 750W(ish) on yesterday which is a good start. Hopefully when this weather sorts itself out I can lower them further and save my precious pennies (and help “Save the Planet”!).



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  2. Eeek. Does this work with power card meter too? I’m still waiting on my electricity provider to change me to a dry meter.

  3. Hi mercurythread,

    This currentcost meter uses an induction clamp to determine electricity use, so as long as you have access to the electricity cables that go in/out of your meter, you can use this wonderful piece of kit.

    And if you don’t want to ‘geek’ it up and get the data from it, then it is still an invaluable tool in reducing your bills with a nice side effect of doing your bit for the planet!

    I am in the process of getting one for my parents, it really is that easy to install!

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  5. Hi Rich, I have just got my CurrentCost cc128 with two clamps. Like you I have storage heaters, it looks as if the cc128 does not allow for three different price levels/tariffs i.e. day/night/RHT but only two day/night. I take it you have worked round this restriction by working with the XML? I have yet to get my cable but would like to know how the three tariffs worked for you. cheers.

    • Hi,

      I have not worried too much about the various tariffs. I am more concerned with total usage over time so have not worried about it. I just have a clamp on the incoming electricity cable to the meter, rather then the outgoing cables to my house. Sorry! Cheers

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