Posted by: Rich Cumbers | March 19, 2009

WebSphere MQ Java & Pub/Sub

Just a quick post about WebSphere MQ Java Pub/Sub functionality. I have need to write an application that uses the Base Java Classes for WebSphere MQ, making use of some Pub/Sub. There is a fair amount of information on the web on how to subscribe but no information on how to unsubscribve. To subscribe to a topic all you need to do once you have a MQQueueManager object is the following:

MQTopic topic = qmgr.accessTopic("topicName", "topicObject", options, null, "DurabeIdentifier");

Now you have the MQTopic object you can get messages that are published to the topic “topicObject/topicName”. As I mentioned the reason for this post was the lack of any information on the web, including the WebSphere MQ Using Java V7 manual, and the WebSphere MQ V7 infocenter on how to unsubscribe from the topic. Well eventually I gave up on the web, and decided to look at the MQ Test material that we have here at Hursley. The following code will unsubscribe from the topic:

if (topic != null) {
if (topic.isSubscribed()) {

That will check if your topic is not null, is subscribed and then set some options to ensure that the subscription is deleted. Job done and only an hour wasted searching the docs!

Update:You do not need to use topic.setCloseOptions(CMQC.MQCO_DELETE);. This would actually throw an MQRC_OPTION_NOT_VALID_FOR_TYPE (mqrc 2045) error!



  1. I trust you have submitted doc feedback on the lack of info in the manuals? If not, I’ll be happy to submit it for you. Seems like something that the manuals should capture.

  2. Hi T.Rob, Yes I have I am in communication with the management of both MQ and Docs about how we can improve the situation. Hope to blog about that effort soon!

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