Posted by: Rich Cumbers | March 30, 2009

Cypriot Wedding in 2010

Way back in 2007 I proposed to Su in Venice. She accepted and since then we have been saving up for the big day. We were originally going to have our wedding at a place called Manor Barn, near Petersfield. Unfortunately the date we wanted was unavailable, and on reflection the amount of money required to finance the one day was really rather astronomical! So we were back to the drawing board on when/where we would get married. Enter stage right foreign wedding ideas.

I have always been keen on the foreign wedding idea, ever since going to the (less then exotic) Belfast to attend a good friends wedding. The idea that the wedding is made in to more of trip rather then a day, where everyone invited is staying in the vicinity of the venue etc really appeals to me, making it much more of an event then a single day ever could. The Belfast wedding was a long weekend that was so much fun, as someone invited you felt much more involved with the wedding party, primarily I believe due to the fact that you were having breakfast with them, going on excursions etc. For me it was the most memorable wedding so far, and for all the right reasons!

The venue we have found is called Zucchinis and was recommended by a friend of Su’s family. We had a short break to go and check out the venue, make sure it was what we wanted etc. This morning we called their office and officially booked it! Cyprus here we come!



  1. Congratulations to you both, and warm welcome to Cyprus in 2010.

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