Posted by: Rich Cumbers | April 16, 2009

MS0T (Standalone MQ Explorer) & WebSphere MQ FTE

Recently IBM announced a SupportPac for WebSphere MQ for the Eclipse based WMQ Explorer. Called MS0T it is classified as a category 3 SupportPac and can be downloaded from the MS0T page.

One outcome of this Standalone edition of the WMQ Explorer is that you now no longer need to use the full WebSphere MQ installer and can just have the Explorer without the other parts of the product. This is pretty neat when you also want to administer your WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition network on a remote machine without a full install. As of writing this post WMQ FTE does not support automatic installation of the File Transfer Plugin for the MQ Explorer and manual steps are required, and there are no plans to do so at present. Here are the manual steps required to make this work:

  1. Install SupportPac MS0T (currently Windows only, support for Linux coming soon!)
  2. Install the tools edition of WMQ FTE on the same machine as your Standalone Explorer is installed
  3. Create a file called in the Standalone Explorer eclipse/links folder that contains the following path=c:/your/wmqfte/tools/install/location
  4. Start Explorer and you should see the familiar (if you have used it before) File Transfer Edition icons on the left hand side!

Please note: The slashes in the above property are forward slashes and must be forward slashes for this to work!

Let me know if you manage to get this working, or if not what went wrong!

Update: There is an official technote describing this exact scenario (written by using this post) Thanks to Marcel Amrein for pointing this out.



  1. […] Cumbers posted a mini how-to describing the procedure to install the WMQ File Transfer Edition plug-in into the stand-alone […]

  2. Linux is now supported for MS0T

  3. This doesnt work, can u include some screenshots, maybe im too noob to get it work…thank u in advance

    • Hi,

      Could you give me a little more information? I will try hard to add some screenshots, and maybe go through the instructions again to make sure they are right.



  4. In the meantime, there is an “official” IBM technote on the subject:
    The problem with your (Rich) instructions may be that you didn’t point out that the link entry has to point to the FTE …/tools directory

  5. Thank Marcel,

    That technote was actually created from this blog post. I will amend the post to include the tools path!



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