Posted by: Rich Cumbers | August 4, 2009

WebSphere MQ FTE & WSRR – SupportPac FA01 (v1.0)

WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition is a product that I work on, at it’s basic level it allows users to transfer files from A to B using WebSphere MQ as the transport. Maybe another day I’ll blog about it, but you can read some more information here. WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) is a product developed at IBM Hursley labs, and fits into the Governance space of applications (at least in my eyes, please correct me if wrong!). It does many many things, read here for more information. The part I am particularly interested in is the developing of custom models and relationships to store user defined information, in this case WMQ File Transfer Edition objects and MQ Queue Managers. This is what the SupportPac FA01 does.

SupportPac FA01 supplies an OWL file, which defines Agent, Queue Manager and MQ Connection objects and the relationships (Agent -> MQConnection <- Queue Manager) which allows us to model an FTE network inside WSRR. The SupportPac uses the WSRR Service Discovery Framework and the scheduler to keep the information current and up to date. Information on developing your own custom Service Discovery services can be found here.

Once data is in WSRR it allows users to query FTE objects, and perform transfers based on their own rules and requirements. Using the WSRR Rest API users can easily develop web or clientside applications that can exploit the FTE network information.

The SupportPac contains all the information required to install and configure the Service Discovery plugin, however in a later post I plan to put the information here for everyone to see.



  1. Interesting. So it sounds like this uses the MQ service definition (SupportPac MA93 / wizard in v7.0.01 of MQ) to help to define the objects to WSRR. My reading of the SupportPac is that this lets WSRR automatically discover the layout of the WMQ FTE network? pretty cool.

  2. Hi Andy,

    This SupportPac does not currently use the MA93 MQ SupportPac, but now you have made me aware of it, future versions _might_ take advantage of this. Will speak to Mark Phillips to see what we can achieve.

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