Posted by: Rich Cumbers | December 1, 2009

WebSphere MQ File Transfer 7.0.2 released

Last Friday saw the electronic GA (you can download it, not get the DVD yet) of WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition 7.0.2. This is the 3rd release of the product, and the 2nd this year. I thought I would take a few moments to highlight some of the new features in 7.0.2 that might be of interest to you.

Protocol Bridge
This function allows you to access files stored on either an FTP or sFTP server, whilst still using an agent and everything else within FTE. An agent configured to access FTP or sFTP is known as a “Bridge Agent” and is a dedicated artifact in that transfers must involve the FTP/sFTP server. This can be used in a number of ways in the enterprise. You might for example have FTP internally as your current method of moving files from A – B and want to do a gradual role out of FTE to replace it, and with this new function you can. See the Protocol Bridge Infocenter page for more details.

Improved Security
The 7.0.2 release has some improvements to security, in particular you can now grant users authority to perform certain actions. This is a very detailed topic, and I will not try and capture it all in a short paragraph, it would be best for me to link to the relevant Infocenter pages. See the Security Overview Infocenter page and also the Managing authorities for resources Infocenter page for more details.

Multi Instance Queue Manager Support
WebSphere MQ 7.0.1 supports the creation of Multi-Instance Queue Managers and in WebSphere MQ FTE 7.0.2 we can use this functionality for agent queue managers and coordination queue managers. See the WebSphere MQ Multi-Instance Queue Mangers Infocenter page for more details.

IBM i (iSeries) Platform Support
This latest release of FTE supports the transfer of files that reside in the “root” (/), QOpenSys, and QSYS.LIB file systems on IBM i systems. See the Installation page for IBMi in the Infocenter, and also the IBMi Transfer Infocenter page for more information.

A new command has been introduced that allows you to create Transfer Templates on the command line. This enables you to create Transfer Templates in the same way as on the WMQFTE Explorer plugin. See the fteCreateTemplate Infocenter page for more information.

Improved concurrent transfer limit behaviour
In previous versions of FTE if an agent reached the maxSourceTransfers property then any incoming transfers would automatically be failed. In 7.0.2 we now queue these incoming transfers and wait until the agent has capacity to run them. We have introduced a new property called maxQueuedTransfers, which will limit the number of queued transfers, before rejecting transfer requests. See the Advanced agent properties Infocenter page for more information.

So there you have it, these are the main features of 7.0.2. I have only touched very lightly on all of them, please see the Infocenter, or contact your local IBM representative to find out more!



  1. Hi Rich,

    I am a fairly new user of MQ and MQ FTE. We have developed a MQ application and I was just doing some google on “tools for performance/load testing for MQ/MQ FTE” and came across your blog.

    Would appreciate if you can spare a couple of moments to scribble some ideas back.

    Good luck for the demo.


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