Posted by: Rich Cumbers | August 15, 2010

Getting a Visa for Bermuda

Although Bermuda is a British overseas territory I still need to get a work visa before I can move out there. Amongst other things I need to get:

  • A police certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Full-size chest x-ray
  • 2 employment references, describing my skills and work ethic.
  • 2 character references, which describe my character in general

Of all the requirements above the one that will take by far the longest is the police certificate. This is supposed to take no longer than 40 days to be produced (what are they doing for 40 days?!) but there are many online postings that describe having to wait nearly 2 months!

The other items on the list should be fairly straight forward, only the chest x-ray is going to take more time than I would like, but seeing as we have to wait for the damn police certificate we no longer need to be in a rush!

Please cross your fingers that the authorities can produce this certificate quicker than 40 days, I want to move to Bermuda!!!


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