Posted by: Rich Cumbers | December 9, 2010

Bermuda so far

I official suck at actually blogging. Ever since I knew I was moving to Bermuda I thought “Hey my life might be a lot more interesting now and I can blog about my experiences and the new life that Su and I are embarking on”. Well 8 weeks into the adventure and it’s only now that I actually sit down and write something!

Su and I left Gatwick on the 22nd of October, Su’s mum Lin, and my mum and dad, were at the airport to wave us goodbye. I admit to having a tear in my eye, I blame my mum. Upon arriving in Bermuda we were picked up by a taxi driver called Derrick (a local legend who seems to know everyone on the island) and taken to our temporary accommodation.

Our temporary accommodation was a 1 bedroom furnished apartment owned by a lovely couple called Sandra and Jimmy. Location was perfect (we could walk into Hamilton) and the apartment itself was spacious, with all the mod cons. Su was obviously giddy with excitement as within 24 hours she was playing Laser Tag (think Paint Ball but with lasers rather than paint). Su still managed to stay as the girl we know and love as she wore an intricate yellow skirt with holes which permanently snagged on branches as she hid in the bushes. I guess you should always look your best even when you are stalking the enemy!

The following Monday I managed to hire a scooter for a few weeks. After a rather wobbly start, (which included taking a rather scared Su home on the back) I know have the knack and am able to buzz around quite freely. Riding a scooter on the island is great fun, it is very liberating and I still get a buzz when riding on the coastal roads. Where the scooter is not so good is when the rain comes. More often than not, when it rains in Bermuda it hammers it down. Once or twice Su and I have been drenched by a sudden downpour, but it’s all part of the fun (or so I keep telling Su).

Our temporary apartment was just that, temporary. We had to find a place to live on a more permanent basis. This is where comes into play. It’s like a Craigslist for the island and is full of apartments and houses for rent. We had our requirements (2 bed so we have a guest room for visitors, decent area, along the south shore so we were close to the beaches) and eventually found the place for us. Now that we have a place of our own we feel that the island is home, especially now that we have a phone, the internet and cable tv!

Life in Bermuda is a lot of fun. The people are super friendly, they will always greet you and are very happy to have a quick chat. The island itself is very green, with some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The sea is very warm and full of colourful fish 2 foot in length. Snorkelling is a an activity that is fast becoming my favourite thing to do, each time I head out into the sea I seem to see brighter coloured, and larger fish than before.Church Bay 2

Of course we both miss our lives back home. Friends (yes you Munns, and yes you Smyth, and anyone else who might get upset by not being mentioned), family and of course Grace & Faith. Dale sends me videos that keep us in touch, and Grace even sent the best birthday present ever, a video of Grace and Faith talking to us. Now that we have the internet at home I am very much looking forward to Skyping with the little imps!

All in all the last 8 weeks have been amazing, and I am sure there is more to come. This year will be the first time I have not seen my family at Christmas in the flesh (we will of course be Skyping). Su’s parents are flying out for Christmas so it will be the first time Su and I have hosted Christmas. Another first will be not seeing Paul & Lee, being rude with Trev and shaking my head at Anne who seems to prefer cleaning to almost any other activity!

Anyways enough rambling. Now I have finally posted something maybe I will post a little more frequently. Don’t hold your breath though!


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