Posted by: Rich Cumbers | April 4, 2011

Every Man needs one

It’s the ultimate man symbol, the one where we (think) we still rule, and where we like to think women cannot possibly take over. The domain is sacrosanct and ours (for the time being). I am talking about the BBQ. Charcoal or gas, matt black or shiny chrome, every man that I have met seems to have a desire to cook outdoors with fire.

There is a lot of passion in the BBQ world; you only need to ask a fellow BBQ owner whether they use gas or charcoal to understand that divisions exist within this world; the age old debate about whether gas can really give you the same flavour as charcoal will never die. Growing up my family only ever used charcoal. I watched my dad (who is well known to put on a great BBQ amongst our family & friends) from a young age and he managed to transfer this ‘skill’ to me. The first BBQ I bought with my wife was charcoal, my best man & I built it and we used it on those special days in the UK when the sun was out. Even with my history of charcoal, I am just as happy cooking with gas.

I now live and work in Bermuda, a climate that is a lot more suited to alfresco dining, and the evening temperatures range from warm to balmy in the Spring/Summer/Autumn. My requirements for our BBQ were fairly simple:

  • I need to be able to get home from work and be cooking within 15 minutes
  • I would like a BBQ that I am able to clean it quickly and efficiently
  • Due to the salty air in Bermuda I needed something that would be durable

Taking my list above gas is the only one that allows me to cook almost immediately and with little fuss. On Saturday I found the one that fit the bill, a shiny Weber Q300, which of course is a gas powered beast.

The Weber BBQ is very well built and having put it together myself I am confident that it will last the 3 years that we are here for. I am now really looking forward to balmy summer evenings where Su and I sit out on our little patio and enjoy some BBQ food and a glass of chilled white wine. On that note the weather is getting a lot better, but it is still changeable. Saturday was superb sunshine (where it would have been rude not to have had a dip in the ocean), whilst Sunday it was so windy that my BBQ cover was blown clean off! My parents arrive next week, so here is hoping the weather behaves itself and we can enjoy some al fresco dining!


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